Who We Are

Welcome to our Berner Bud Farm Family!  We have a cute little farm on 12 acres that we lovingly named Jada's Berner Bud Farm. We have all kinds of animals for our daughter. Jada is non verbal and has a love for animals, especially her very first Bernese Mountain Dog, KAIA. Once we had Kaia, we just KNEW we could never be without her! She displayed truly amazing service dog qualities toward our daughters health issues and we recognized immediately there was something special about this breed. As we learned more and more about the breed we quickly discovered they have their share for potential (avoidable) health issues and a decreased life span, and while we KNEW we would never want to be without a Bernese Mountain Dog, we didn't know if we would be able to find another dog quite like our Kaia girl. And so, Berner Bud Farm - BEST BUD BREEDER was born. We spent days, months, years researching how to not just breed Bernese Mountain dogs, but how to preserve and BETTER the breed. It has truly become our passion. 

- We are AKC Berner Baby Best Bud Breeders in White Lake, MI. We are PRESERVATION BREEDERS!-

 We DO NOT mix with doodles. ( I know it can be tempting, they are super cute and give the impression they are great for allergies and dander...but the reality is you are NOT EVER guaranteed a hypo allergenic dog by mixing with doodle, what you are gauranteed is to increase the risk of more health issues, more behavior issues, altering the calm, easily trained demeanor of the Berner with the high strung poodle traits AND create a difficult matted coat and lots of skin / allergy issues for your dog. There's lots of reasons WHY it is not a good idea, we will save that for another day ;) If your heart is set on a Bernerdoodle, we can still help you out and refer you to our friends at Blackstone Berners who we know are ethically and intelligently breeding Bernerdoodles.) What we do is work on Preserving and Better the Breed of AKC Purebred Bernese Mountain Dogs. We do all health tests possible and ONLY breed with studs that are equally health tested and equal in all ways including size, appearance, and temperaments. ONLY THE BEST for our Berner Babies! 

Our Services

Our Mama is a Certified Service Dog!

Our Mom - Madam Kaia Bell  -is a Certified Service Dog. Her daughter Madam LoLa Bell , Will also be a Service Dog and will be expecting her first litter when she comes of age Summer 2024! All of our dogs are OFA/Gen Sol Health and Genetic Tested Cleared/Excellent! 

Stud/Dad- Rocco Maximus - is also fully health tested & on BernerGarde. For more information including health testing please view their profiles on GoodDog.com :)

Kaia & R0cco's Litter June 2022
*We are Expecting! July 29- Aug 3!*

Kaia and Rocco welcomed their first litter in June 2022. We were so grateful to place 10 absolutely beautiful puppies with families all over the country! Feel free to join our Facebook page where Litter Mate families are welcome and encourage to share updates and lots of photos of their Berner Babies!  http://www.facebook.com/bernerbudfarm

Brandon Chambers

Brandon is a Sales Manager with General RV and his passion project is Jada's Berner Bud Farm! Brandon maintains 12 acres filled with sheep, goats, piglets, chickens, turkeys, donkeys, all kinds of birds and farm life all for the love of his daughter and our Berner Babies. 

Kristin Chambers 

Kristin is the full time care giver and researcher for the Berner Babies, and human babies of the house :) She also is a Professional Photographer with Vintage Soul Photo Company and offers complimentary Photos for every family's Gotcha Days!

Partnered with Vintage Soul Photo Company, VINTAGE SOUL, LLC